Out Now: Sing Shalom

The album I recorded for Music Together’s Sing Shalom program is out and being used in Fall classes as we speak. I tracked the drums live with piano, guitar, and upright bass so it’s fun hearing other elements of the songs for the first time, especially the lyrics. My favorite jam is “Sweet,” a jazzy tune about Rosh Hashanah. The album begins with a doumbek solo, too! To learn more about Sing Shalom, click here.

TBT: Day 1 of Hundred Days

Oh man. Lindsay Mercer has me feeling nostalgic and missing my Hundred Days fam!!! Here's the one photo I took from the first day of rehearsal, one year ago today. I remember clearly the feeling of learning a show from scratch: deciding on my setup, toggling between music and script, working out programming, knowing choreography is coming, making sounds with strangers who are destined to become family. We spent the better part of a year together. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Masterclass: Stanton Moore

I was talking with some friends the other day about the masterful New Orleans drummer Stanton Moore. The dude’s got it all! Groove AND chops for days! I am really digging this solo from his clinic at Atlanta Pro Percussion a few years back. There is a lot of variety in his playing here, but he weaves a few themes throughout the entire solo. I do hope you enjoy and find as much inspiration as I did!

Here’s a picture of us in 2016. I was in New Orleans with the Grinch and was lucky enough to catch him on Frenchman street with his trio.

Audio: At Percussion Podcast


It was a delight to speak with Karli Viña, Casey Cangelosi, and Ben Charles on the @ Percussion Podcast a few weeks back. We discussed a variety of topics including playing both orchestral percussion and drum set, touring, subbing on musicals, life as a drummer in New York City, and why equality matters. Give a listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!

In The Studio: Sing Shalom

I had a nice time tracking at MONOlisa Studios, recording music for Music Together’s Sing Shalom classes with my dear friend Solomon Hoffman (artistic director of the Songwriter’s Orchestra.) We recorded about 8 tunes Saturday and are doing a few more tonight. In addition to drum set, I played some dumbek, which I don’t believe I’ve ever played on a recording! Pictured above is the house kit, which is a 70s Ludwig kit with Slingerland snare. The studio had great vibes! Thanks for having us, Denise.

Happy Opening, American Morning!

Timothy Huang’s American Morning opened last night at ART/New York Theatres. The show runs for the next two weeks and is presented by Prospect Theater Company. It has been fun, challenging, and rewarding to develop this drum book. Special thanks to our fearless MD, Julianne Merrill, for her patience and guidance!

Hathaways @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Last week I played at Pine Box Rock Shop with Hathaways in celebration of the release of their new EP, Hologram. Give it a listen! Here’s a little clip from the gig. This song is about the spectral classification of stars. They also have one about Clara Schumann. That’s the kind of nerdiness I can get behind!

That's a Wrap: Hundred Days

What a journey the last seven months have been. I’ve played Hundred Days 120+ times and I would be happy to double that number! This show and the people in it have changed my life in ways that I'm just beginning to process. Thank you especially to The Bengsons for embracing me and bringing me into their family. And thanks to the AMAZING all-female/POC crew at the Arsht Center for this spectacular chalk drawing!


I recently reunited with one of my cabin-mates at Interlochen from NINETEEN YEARS AGO! We haven’t seen each other since that amazing summer, but I still feel like we are and will continue to be lifelong friends. Here’s what Andrea — an outstanding horn player and music teacher — had to say:

This is a little late, but on Valentine’s, Ryan Vella and I went to see “Hamilton” at the Straz in Tampa. And if you know me, you know how much I love it, but that’s not why I’m writing this post. The best part of the night was when I first opened the playbill, and to my complete surprise, it flipped open to a photo of one of my cabin-mates from Interlochen Arts Camp ‘00, Ashley Baier who is performing in “Hundred Days,” which is running next door to “Hamilton.” So, after 19 years (seriously, how has it been that long!?) and yet again, thank you to Victoria Guyre, we got to see Ashley’s performance last Friday. Even though we could only chat for a little afterwards, it was wonderful and surreal to see you, and like you said, I hope we don’t wait another 2 decades until we see each other again! Congratulations on a beautiful performance - you all certainly give the Hamilton casts in Tampa (and NYC) a run for their money. If you’re reading this and in the Tampa Bay area, go see “Hundred Days!” They’ll be there until the end of March. ❤️

Here are some pics Andera shared as well:

I’d never seen this picture before! Me in the center with Erin to the left and Andrea to the right.

I’d never seen this picture before! Me in the center with Erin to the left and Andrea to the right.

Our awesome cabin! So many amazing ladies in this group. Can you spot me?

Our awesome cabin! So many amazing ladies in this group. Can you spot me?

Andrea and I outside of the Straz after the show. It was so nice to catch up and meet her husband.

Andrea and I outside of the Straz after the show. It was so nice to catch up and meet her husband.

Back at it: Hundred Days


The latest version of Hundred Days is up and running at the Straz in Tampa. We had two days of tech and open Tuesday. My friend from college, Scott Crawford, provided the rental — a beautiful, brand new Pearl Session Studio Classic kit. It sounds great! Scott is a fantastic percussionist and all-around great guy. It was a dream come true to have him tech for me on Sunday. I can’t wait to hang with him some more on this 2.5 month stint in Tampa.