That's a Wrap: Interstate at NYMF

We closed Interstate last week after 6 shows. I wish we could've played at least 6 more. Thankfully, I think this is only the beginning for this powerful show. 

Because there's such a quick turnaround and it's easier to control the sound, every drummer playing a NYMF show has to play the provided electronic kit. I've used the Roland TD-30 in the past, but this was my first time programing it. I built 4 kits and setup a kit chain for the show. It was a pretty easy & intuitive process, as is usually the case with Roland. 

If you saw the show, please considering voting Interstate as the best of the fest

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I start rehearsals for Interstate next week. It's one of the 12 shows chosen for the New York Musical Festival this season -- and the opening night show, taboot, taboot!

The music is wonderful and the story is one that is close to my heart, to say the least. Please contribute to the Kickstarter if you can and I hope to see you at one of the shows! #RepresentationMatters