Heading West!

A week from today, my band - PitchBlak Brass Band - will be flying west to embark on a 10-day, 8-city tour.  Do you live in any of these cities? If so, the best thing you can do (next to coming to the show) is to tell your friends about it. We don't know a lot of people in many of these towns, so we could really use your help spreading the word.

Click the name of your city below to get info on the show. Thank you so much for helping get the word out. It means a lot to me and the rest of PitchBlak! 

Aug 22 - San Francisco 

Aug 24 - Oakland

Aug 25 -  Arcata

Aug 26 - Seattle

Aug 27 - Portland

Aug 28 - Eugene

Aug 29 - Chico

Aug 30 - Los Angeles