Rig Rundown: The Grinch

The Grinch is off to a good start here in Green Bay. Let’s take a look at my setup for this season:


This year I’m playing a Champagne Sparkle DW kit It sounds great for this particular show. Beefy toms! I’m using a variety of Zildjian cymbals.


Using the always trusty Roland SPD-SX with 9 different kits programmed (woodblocks, gong, tambourine, bass drum, chimes, glock, sleigh bells, triangle, finger cymbal, ratchet, and one timpani patch are all programmed). Two Adams timpani (29” and 26”). I also have an acoustic cowbell and Jam Block, but they didn’t make the pictures.


Mmmm… I love a good metal station. Mark tree, two triangles, one finger cymbal, and three Miller Machines.


Delvcam mounted on my music stand so I can see the conductor when I’m reading the music.


Stick tray with a variety of multi-sticks, timpani mallets, brushes, triangle beater, sus mallets, and two caxixi.


And finally, Aviom land. Each band member has their own channel in addition to a conductor mic and onstage mic.