Littlefield, 4/21. Photo by Seth Walters 

I had a FANTASTIC weekend of music making with PitchBlak. The Balkan Shout Out gig was absolutely off the hook. I don't think the audience stopped jumping once during our hour set. They really knew how to get down! The crowd at Littlefield was equally as awesome, and I really enjoyed watching BatalaNYC do their thing. It was very inspiring!

Additionally, the first round of mixes for our forthcoming album, You See Us, just hit my inbox and my God is it sounding fresh! Aaron Nevezie is the man!

Drum Jam: Sugar Shack

Last night, I didn't have a gig so I hit the practice room instead. I had a good time jamming along to an underplayed Phish song, Sugar Shack, from their 2009 album, Joy. It has some fun latin grooves and alternates between 4/4 and 9/4 (or 9/8, 4/4+5/4, etc... depending on how you want to look at it). I decided to come up with my own part rather than recreate what Jon Fishman plays. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!