Out Now: Sing Shalom

The album I recorded for Music Together’s Sing Shalom program is out and being used in Fall classes as we speak. I tracked the drums live with piano, guitar, and upright bass so it’s fun hearing other elements of the songs for the first time, especially the lyrics. My favorite jam is “Sweet,” a jazzy tune about Rosh Hashanah. The album begins with a doumbek solo, too! To learn more about Sing Shalom, click here.

In The Studio: Sing Shalom

I had a nice time tracking at MONOlisa Studios, recording music for Music Together’s Sing Shalom classes with my dear friend Solomon Hoffman (artistic director of the Songwriter’s Orchestra.) We recorded about 8 tunes Saturday and are doing a few more tonight. In addition to drum set, I played some dumbek, which I don’t believe I’ve ever played on a recording! Pictured above is the house kit, which is a 70s Ludwig kit with Slingerland snare. The studio had great vibes! Thanks for having us, Denise.

August Work

The last few weeks have been a busy blur, so I thought I would give a little update as to what I've been up to.

Two years ago, I helped develop the drum book for Pryor Rendering, a new musical by Frank Schiro. We did a reading and recorded a few tracks in the studio. The show is about to receive its world premiere in Oklahoma and I have been working hard to prepare the drum book for the percussionist. Here is the smallest of previews:

Keeping with the music notation theme, I was contacted by a fellow drummer and Phish fan who came across my transcription of Limb by Limb and asked me to write out three more Phish songs -  It's Ice, Twist, and Mike's Song.  On the surface, I thought these would be easy. They were not. The intricacies of Jon Fishman's playing are unparalleled and I have even more respect for him now than I ever did before. If you are in need of transcription services, please get in touch. Here's LXL in case you missed it the first time around:

In recording news, I tracked 6 songs for Craig Miller with engineer and guitarist extraordinaire Chris Takita. We recorded in my apartment and the drums sound incredible. If you are in need of some drum tracks at studio fee free prices, let us know. Here are a few pics Chris took from the session:

After three years of hard work, Trumpet Grrrl's EP Just Listen is now out. We played a live show at Silvana in Harlem to celebrate. Christina wore a space suit and I smiled a lot. Grab this disc now

In PitchBlak news, we recently signed with Hoplite Booking Agency and have a slew of upcoming dates, including two this weekend in Western Massachusetts and Burlington, VT. Last night was the 8th installment of the 2016 PitchBlak Playlist and as usual, it was a blast. JusMoni killed it and I am obsessed as ever with her track Axela

Is that it? I think that's about it. Hope to see you in the city or somewhere on the road!



Tracking: Craig Miller - A Spark

Craig Miller, a wonderful musician from my hometown (banjo player in the bluegrass band, Grand Ole Ditch) asked me to record a few songs for his upcoming solo album. I was honored! The 10 minute tune is a musical odyssey that I had to split into 6 parts in order to wrap my head around it. I can't wait to hear the finished recording! 

New Track: On and On

Andrew Piccone just dropped the new TubaFresh single over on his blog, thishasgottostop.net. He also did a photo shoot with us in Sunset Park recently and interviewed Ms. Fresh herself. Check out his full post here. Like Subject Matter, we recorded this one with our main dude Alex Weston

We are playing tonight at the Silent Barn in Bushwick. There is nothing better than a gig you can walk to from your own house. Hope to see you there!

Musical #tbt: Page France - Air Pollution (with marimba and vibes)

I stumbled upon this track last night while looking for an audio file on my Mac. I totally forgot about this recording, which I started in 2011. The band, Page France (whose founding members now make music under the moniker Cotton Jones), was from my hometown. They released some great albums and toured the country many times. They had a song placed on Weeds, which I think is pretty awesome! 

I vaguely remember tracking this at my rehearsal studio in DUMBO and for whatever reason never completed it. Enough years have passed for me to be ok with putting it on the internet even though there are mistakes at the end of many of the phrases. Oh well! It's a simple melody that lends itself perfectly to mallet percussion.  Enjoy! 


In the Studio: The Old American Can Factory

PitchBlak laid down three tracks with Don Godwin at the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn yesterday. With the exception of the vocals, we tracked everything live. I just heard the rough bounces and these tracks are going to be straight fire!

I used my Roland SPD-SX in the studio for the first time for some 808 bass drum and hi-hat sounds. We also ran the click from the SPD via the sub output on that same track (the only one we used click on). It ran like butter! I love that thing. 

About to record three tracks with @pitchblakbrass. First time using the SPD-SX in the studio!

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