Down the Mountain

Here is one of my highlights of the Grinch. “Down the Mountain” starts and ends on timpani and has a rockin’ tom part. This scores the scene in which the Grinch sleds down Mount Crumpit, cracking the whip (as played by Key 2) at his dog, Max. It is always a thrill to play.

The PitchBlak Playlist: EIFFELLIFE

The second PitchBlak Playlist (our Harlem residency at the Shrine) occurred last night. I did all the arrangements for the featured artist, EIFFELLIFE. Check out some clips: 

Last night's PitchBlak Playlist was off the hook! for the full video.

A video posted by A. Baier (@ay_bear) on


A video posted by A. Baier (@ay_bear) on

Full vid: