That's A Wrap: The Grinch!

I played my last show of the tour on New Year's Eve and made it from DC to my apartment in Brooklyn by 10:50 pm, according to the clock in the welcoming display my girlfriend left for me upon my arrival. What a sweetie! She (and a bunch of my awesome family) came to the show in DC. She even sat in the pit one night and we took a picture together on the stage following the show. Dawwwwwwww

On the last day, I finally got a picture with the two cuties who play Cindy Lou Who and one of the two Annie Whos. These leading ladies rock! We're pictured with Key 2/Associate Music Director Jordan Jones-Reese. 

And for good measure, how about one last shot of (most of my) setup, this time from onstage. This view really highlights the confetti that rains upon us at the end of every show. 

Grinch Tour Week 3: Durham

I have said it before and I'll say it again: Durham is one hell of a town. I've been here a few times with PitchBlak and we always have such a lovely time. Diverse community, great food, great bars... It's been a pleasure to get to live here for a week. Here's a picture of the iconic Lucky Strike water tower that can be seen from my hotel room:

I continue to be charmed by Durham. Great town. Glad to be spending the week here.

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The fine people at the Durham Performing Arts Center threw us an opening night party. Here I am with most of the orchestra. It was Brett's birthday! 

Seven shows to go in Durham, four of which are tomorrow!